Translated from Finnish by Kati Kortesalmi

The Star of Love uses an Angel Crystal technique in healings, which I developed together with many experts from of clairvoyants and spiritual field. The technique has been used in meditation, healing and training in Finland and it has been very much liked. Angel Crystal energy is vibration behind the physical world. We know that the physical world is energy and behind it there is universal truth, universal laws, and universal consciousness. This can all be seen as a kind of a one source of all life. In meditation, we imagine it as a bright, white sun, which from all physical life has originated. Angel Crystals are therefore energy and vibration from the source of one life. Physical stones, on the other hand, are like frozen crystalline energy and can be used to strengthen crystal energy when you want to make the exercise more vivid and concrete to yourself. I call the technique for Angel Crystal technique, as it combines the vibrators of crystal worlds and the angel’s aid. Crystal vibration is always requested through angels. It is energy from very high levels where is a strong space of unity. Unity is shown in Angel Crystals in that they unite people and open up to co-operation …

We all have our own crystal consciousness inside us. There is no need to travel further than your own heart, to reach this very high truth. Crystal symbolizes this awareness best. Throughout the history we have used crystal as a symbol of purity, flawless and as a symbol of originality. We say that our thoughts are crystal clear when there are no doubts or alternatives left. Or water is crystal clear when it is pure and original. Crystal describes a very high level of consciousness, the level of universal truth. In Angel Crystal meditation, we imagine that a great crystal falls down in our heart. With the help of image we can open the way to crystal consciousness of our own heart.

This energy is strongly grounding and unify. As it descends from very high levels to the physical world all the way down to human level, it vibration opens up at the same time of all obstacles that prevent the soul or spirit from being in the body. It cleanses fears, pains, and things we’re ready to let go of. Many people fall asleep during healing or meditation feel that they go very deeply. This is where the crystal raises the level of consciousness to a level that may not be ready to face daytime consciousness. The crystal wisdom first comes down to pre-consciousness and becomes a concrete fact for everyday life when the time is right and we are ready for it.

The healing energy of crystals has been used on Earth for a long time. Already in the Atlantic, there were priests who knew how to heal with crystal vibration. Atlantis are familiar with crystal skalls, crystal poles and crystal therapy rooms. The ability to use crystal energy has, however, become even further. It is born in crystal galaxies and has come with specially trained healers in mankind. In the history of mankind, the healing power of crystals and stones has been used, for example, India. Physical stones are like little brothers and sisters at the energy level of crystal vibration. Physical stones have the ability to retain and release higher vibrations and can act as if they were cables between higher worlds and humans. Many healers are still working on stones today. They place them for example top of chakras to clean the body of energies that cause physical symptoms. Physical stone can also be used for assistance for angel crystals, although it is not absolutely necessary. However, some people feel better to carry with them or to maintain a concrete stone at home that symbolizes higher crystal energy. Sometimes it is easier to agree with the angels that a concrete stone means connecting to the crystal world than to focus on what can not be seen.

In the internal crystal world, we all have a lot of original, eternal information. By activating that information, we can remember again why we have come to earth and how our soul would like us to work here. Crystal meditation can also unite and activate the ability to communicate with your own internal helper group. The word crystal is very close to Christ. (translator note in Finnish Crystal=Kristalli and Christ=Kristus) There is a strong Christ aspect in crystal energy, too. The being whose heart is open to crystal consciousness also naturally understands the significance of Christ at its many different levels. Crystal meditation and healing open up the Christ consciousness of the human heart and help Christ to be born in human her/himself in ever deeper and deeper levels.

Crystal energy is always requested through angels. Crystals can be channeled in many colors and you can ask angels for guidance on how the crystal color affects in what matters. The crystals also have their own geometric shape and contain sacred numerology. Sometimes crystal energy also has an audible sound through intuitive hearing. All colors have their own meaning, and if the crystal changes to a certain type in meditation, for example, you probably need just that color and geometric shape. Crystal works by means of symbols as a messenger. For example, when we ask the things that matter to you inside the crystal, the result may be surprising. There can become things that are relevant to your soul, or you can get more insight into your own job. Sometimes energy does not feel very strong. Then it is likely to prepare levels in you that are not yet consciousness access of the moment.

Angel crystals are accompanied by special small angels. They are happy, humorous and active creatures that are always ready to go to where they are asked to go. They are like little children and Angel Crystals have a deep connection with the consciousness of humans crystal children. Today, there are many children born in the world who have inner crystal consciousness already open. They are healers with enough light and love to heal the whole mankind, even though they are still very small. The Angel Crystals are happy to work with all of humanity. There are also larger angels with stronger energy and a high level of consciousness. In crystal meditation, angels also have a symbolic heart center. In meditation, we ask these angels to be with us, to transmit the healing energy through the crystal, and to combine our hearts to the angels hearts vibrations.

The crystals are best for world service or group healing. They can be used for healing all creatures and other galaxies or cosmos. You can work at home and even help for healing when humanity faces crises or if natural disasters occur. You can collect your own small meditation team or work alone, but there are a lot of angels with you, so yours help will surely goes to the right place and be strong. We are doing the healing of the earth by creating a common large crystal in this space and then calling on different creations in the crystal. During meditation you can raise your hands and give a healing love to flow from the palms to the center of the circle to where we visualize the things to be healed. You can let your heart to become a sensitive healing heart center and channel crystal energy through it as well.

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