by Anu Heinineva
Translated from Finnish by Kati Kortesalmi

The message of Christmas is going to hit the heart this year. It is about turning inside ourselves. Just before Christmas, I think that mental growth is no shortcut. Important steps must be taken by yourself. First, you have to stop running away from your own life and make a decision, I’m going to take my life as it is. We spend enormous amounts of energy to get rid of ourselves, but the very ordinary life that happens to us right now is the most important experience in the whole world. Change starts at the very center of what happens when you are home at your own space. Only from the center can something new and fresh grow.

Secondly, I do not know any successful person who did not have to do their own homework. If you want some energy to last forever, homework has to be done. The message of the Spiritual Teachers is simple. Who works, will reach. The trip is the same as you should walk from Kemi to Oulu. By one step at a time. The journey can be done in many ways, but you have to find it yourself. You can not send a neighbor for you, you just have to go through it.

I have found this to be a terribly obnoxious message. For many, it is very difficult to receive or accept. It has also been for me occasionally difficult to swallow these facts. It’s easy to say that I have to work but the learning process may sometimes be long and arduous and you will probably come to some point where you would like to have returned for a long time ago. It is at this point that you should stop and say that you are ready to receive life. For a while, it may be very difficult, but if you can be in your own place and breathe, relying on greater control of the spirit world, little everyday miracles will begin to happen. Small light spots begin to shown. The story is slowly becoming beautiful.

We are moving into the era of heart and it is time to turning inwards. It is no longer about external glory. The most important thing in this season is to find inside of you your own darkness. Not because we would use it but because we could make and be clear with ourselves. The spirit world has often come to say that in new era is important to realize that co-operation is born when everyone focuses 100% on themself and takes full responsibility for her/his inner world and concentrates all the energies for working on this inward world. That is all we need.

Outside there are many beautiful and bright frames, but inner light and consciousness what born in your heart are the most important. Resurrection should happens in to the human’s own heart and it is by turning inwards, not at all by staring outward. The spirit world talked that it is no longer intended to focus on those who have resurrected, but now it is time to concentrate on doing the same process in yourself. If you focus your attention outwardly, your own inner will always be empty. Any external frame will not wash your center clean. Only the work that is born of human turning to themself and meeting their own darkness and finding mercy for themself and forgiveness will change the soul towards own resurrection.

This is entirely new in the history of mankind and new thinking. This Christmas has very powerful inward turning energies. Christmas theme is silence and for that nature has given us much snow before Christmas. Snow quieting the environment and whiteness it reminds us of the sacredness and the purity that is emerging in our hearts at these times. It is time for silence to hear the soft whisper rising from the heart. It is the voice of One Life that wants to awaken our attention. The world screams for us and externally is full of stimulus all the time, that just block our senses. It is easy to follow the external acts, but then this little soft simple sound of our heart is forgotten.

It’s the voice of Christmas child. I do not say that the voice of Jesus, because I feel that the child of Christmas is in every single of us as an inner child. It is the Light of Christ that is to be born in the hearts of every human being in a new era. A light that is created specifically in the hearts of all people, making us equal. Any kind of excellence is left out in the process. The gurus descend from their ivory towers, the deciders quietly put down the hammers on the table and everyone is silent to hear the hearts living leader.

It is a radio channel of permanent light, the spirit world guides you. It’s a real Christmas message. Mankind has been waiting for this Christmas for a long time, for the first time in the history of any soul, that sound begins to guide you with new frequencies. We’ve heard it before and practiced, but now has our structure become so soft, silent and open that we can hear what the sound really sounds like.

It speaks by whispering, because its message is extremely important. Sound teaches today that great and important things are not done with force. They do not shout aloud so anyone can easily find them. The most important things are done with gentleness and surrender, humble and by softening, and they are whispered intimately in the hearts of every human being, because then man understands, feels, and live it to real hers/his message. These messages do not live in the outer world, but the power of the message can be reflected on the outside. It changes our eyes, how we are watching this world. It transforms our thoughts and awareness into which we perceive and understand the external reality. It will change our ear to hear more. It makes a lasting level of change by following the gentle and beautiful voice to entering into a new world.

The new world does not begin for any building or any external structure. It does not even start from associations, companies, books, or interconnections. The new world does not arise from people’s external acts or social structures. The new world begins in the heart of human, and the door to the new reality is within the inner being. The road to the new dimension comes through turning into yourself. The deeper you can forget about the external reality and concentrate for instance on meditation, the deeper you walk through the invisible door and come to another level.

On the other level, everything looks like new. For some time you will have to live in two worlds and see who have not stepped into a new level. You will have to see who are entering a new level and also who are leaving away of this development. There is coming a big cleansing wave of awareness and you can reinforce it by concentrating daily your own work toward in yourself. All the important spiritual work is done internally. The world of one life is in your heart.

It’s not a big leap in the external. It’s a very short distance inside of you. It is not about acts, it’s about a new realization. From a new perspective. New Understanding. Inside of you. That is the message of the Christmas Child. Silence, peace and beauty that arise in your heart. So we celebrate together the Christmas of the Heart and continue on this path in 2018. Meditate toward inside of this Christmas healings and meditation, and we may see the Christmas Star being born in our own soul and experience what it is when Light of Christ touches the deepest in the structure of soul and spirit. Let our True Christmas come to each one of us according to our own highest good!

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