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Angelcrystals are multidimensional healing vibrations from high worlds of light. (New article about AngelCrystals) They are not physical stones but you can have allso gemstones with you, when you do or receive the healing. AngelCrystals were used in Atlantis and the healing was practised at huge crystalcaves those times. With crystalenergies there is allways very angelic vibrations, that’s why we call it AngelCrystals. Angelcrystals are very high vibration of holy fire. You might see white angels of the holy spirit during the healing. They are really safe and effective way to send distancehealing. You can study to be Angelcrystal -healer and awaken your old Atlantis- knowledge with our teacher Kati Kortesalmi:


fullsizerenderI am Kati Kortesalmi originally named Noomi. Sometimes I feel that I had born millions of years ago, sometimes when I look at my childrens wisdom I feel like I am 2. In this incarnation I had been live just over 40 years. My spiritual path has always been open and it has give me time to do my earthly doings first increasing the pressure slowly but firmly until I couldn´t bypass it anymore. Like the many people have I did also experience very painful wake up calls.

Since then I had start to find myself to engage more and more to find my true essence peeling off layers after layers. Many things happen at the same time. I did spend my childhood living in nature and I founded nature again. I had to go far before I could longing back to so important and naturally to me. At the same time I found crystals and other nature gifts. My children make me to realize that they are gifts in so many other ways too and they had been the most powerful teachers. I did went a few courses with Spiritual development of Oulu. 2013 I was finished for my ReikiMaster studies. During those years I was guided to the Star of Love and to Anu Markoff.

When Anu was publish the AngelCrystal-courses I felt the call. I started to use AngelCrystal during my healing treatments, with nature, with my family and for myself. Using AngelCrystals I felt strongly that it was so pure, genuine and natural that I knew this is something what I had longing for in this harsh world. Now I have finished AngelCrystal Master course focusing on meditative side and raised for spiritual surgeon. I am very happy to start as your teacher and continue together our journey with Love and Light.




The AngelCrystal Levels 1-3 by e-mail course

NOW! 65 €/ level (normally 120 €/ level)  You can send the payment via paypal to ”” .

If you have any questions about participation, you can write to ””

Once we receive your payment, we will send you email package and add you to our mailing list. Level 1 starts 1.1.2016, level 2 starts 1.6.2017 and level 3 starts 1.1.2018. The package includes a PDF package of top-level knowledge and 6-month period of weekly distance initiation hearings and once a month e-mail course letter.


First level is the so-called AngelCrystal basic level. All studies starts from first level, so that the foundations for healing will built on a strong foundation.

The level two, you will learn how to heal the environment, animals and human clients. You will have a few centralized crystals for different types of energies.
The Third level gives the keys to demanding work of AngelCrystal energy. You can use the energy, for example, in your healing space or keep a group meditations.

You will study the use of the healing AngelCrystal energy for a period of six months. Training includes the PDF manual, training advice, meditations and distance healing once a week. You will learn the basic techniques of energy healing as well as you opened your channel for healing energy.



Dear Anu

The idea and impulse seems to me very deep and very needy. It is an experiment in one more way to bridge the gap between spirituality and everyday life on Earth. As an experiment the outcome is not certain, but for sure many people will be reached, and many experiences will be harvested. Here are some sentences of recommendation, which you may find useful for your tour in Finland:

Humanity is going through a great transition period in which old values, structures and ways of life tend to fade away. New values and ways of life do not always appear, as soon as we wish, and often we experience ourselves in a vacuum: Uncertain of the future, uncertain of where to find peace and stability, and uncertain of which new values and interpretations of life can be trusted. In this vacuum many new concepts are offered of inner life, inner peace and alignment to the spiritual sources of consciousness. Whenever we find such concepts combined with a sharing heart and a genuine joy of life we see a possible path to the future. Therefore the Finland Light Tour (Anu: You may have another name) is highly recommended as one of the doors, which can open to the future.

Asger Lorentsen,

New World Lightworkes group of White Light ♥

New World Lightworkers group of white light by Rakkaudentähti is initiated. This new meditative world service group is for workers of light. You can join us from distance at you own home.

In this meditation we go as one great group, supporting each other, in to the halls of silence where ascended masters of hierarchy, great beings of light from other worlds, solar systems and dimensions are working. They are waiting for us in secred rooms in our hearts behind the ”geat doors”. They have promised to work with us and join with us in meditation. Then we create a flow of light and send it forward into the humankind.

If you feel this right in your heartcenter, you are welcome to write

This group is for advanced workers of light and we hope that we gain a little group of people who are willing to travel once a year and have a little meeting somewhere in Europe AND who are willing to work with us and give their own divine contribution of light into this group.

If you are running a spiritual group or company, you can join this meditation and worldservice as a group.

You can allso bring yourself and your own life areas into the cirkcle of healing love and light during this meditation. Because it is world service meditation, the healing energy will be very powerfull.

We do this meditation every wednesday and sunday at 21.00-24.00 your own pacific time. This meditation has no charge.

With love,
Anu Markoff  and Jorma Marjanen from Rakkaudentähti

The most common question of what is presented to us in the context of interpretations is about

spiritual task and how to find it. Human who has mentally opened up often have the feeling that

she/he has born here for a specific purpose. The soul deep in, is empty feeling for so long, until it

finds its own mission. The soul invites you to fulfil the task why you have walked the world a

number of previous incarnations. The human heart will burn with curiosity and wants to open up to

the talents and skills what have been acquired through hard work and often also through pain.

Spiritual mission means a quality which your soul has and what the soul desires to bring the human

world. It also means your own lessons what is created by karmic effects but also how your soul

wants to develop themselves in this world.

In the Star of Love we want to help you with interpretations, courses, meditation, and with the

support of the group to open up your own spiritual mission and to fulfil it.

How to fulfil your spiritual task?

Working in Your spiritual path could be working in your own home done with they closest people.

For another it may be settling to a service for a even bigger group. We all have a spiritual mission

and missions dignity are not measured by the visibility or how many people we are working with.

When a person is looking for hers/his own mental task, often to our minds arise also fears. How I

can do this kind of tasks? I can not be so wonderful? What are my closest people say about this?

After all, I do not even have the money to do this!

In The Star of Love we will help you with all of these issues. Online courses help with the

knowledge and skills people to open up to receive their own light. Meditation include vibration

that helps to remember former lives and find their own potential.

However, we believe the earthy approach is the best and we understand the importance to the

natural opening. For us it is very important to get along with our family and loved ones. We are not

seeking to withdraw from the rest of the world and to be superior gurus. We strive to maintain

humanity in all what we do, and we also help You to find Your own mental task what is right size

and a suitable to Your own life. After all, our soul wishes it.

One lesson what our soul has to learn is to proportion their light into this world and to act among

people by human language. Light work can be very ordinary to transmission a message of love to

the nearby people. Many light workers are no different from other people in any way. Light work

is not preaching or coercion other people to thinking the same way. It can be waking up the good

what every human being has inside of them and make it stronger. It can be support for people to

listen their hearts own voice.

For the light are many words. In You spiritual task You do not need to absorb quite a strange

sounding emotional words and terms. On the contrary. You can talk about love, caring and

compassion for people in everyday situations when it is natural. Angels guide us, but we do not

have to impose the idea of the angels of all the other’s face.

A Light work can be a spiritual awakening. Someone may feel that they are a channel of big

words, and they need to talk deep about things to those, who have not yet heard of spiritual

matters. It is relevant if You have a call of Your heart to do so.

We support You your own pathway, and we are also available to Your individual channeling. We

help with the painful issues and the most important task is to support Your growth towards the

light of Your own soul, and best of all, to Your soul family vibration!

One definition of the shaman is a healer and seer, who travels to the spirit world and other realities to seek information from the community. During the astral journeys the shaman can customize the and improve it. Shamanistic road is a tough road and it mean a lifelong learning.

In the background of the Star of Love work is a shamanistic world view and way of thinking. We could maybe say even ”new shamanism” as an way of we think unites with the shamanistic thinking, new age and many of the spiritual and philosophical thought patterns around the world. Anu and Jorma did found each other from the level of voice healing and shamanistic music-making and there are our source of the intuitive data bank, even we organized also ordinary meditations.

Shamanism in Finland and around the world

Shamans has existed everywhere and at all times as far as the distant history stages. Typically, the shaman has been the tribe central healer, who has had the ability to protect from enemies and who has known the will of the gods and spirits. The original shamans still lives in Africa and for example The Amazon rain forest. These shamans do not necessarily have never been in contact with the modern culture, and they still carry the very initial information shamanistic culture practice.

In Finland Shamanism is still evident, for example, several power ergo seita locations. In many places, it is known there has been powerful healers and shamans. Throughout history shamanism was belong the sight travels and the use of certain shamanic plants. In Finland perhaps the most well-known plants have been various kinds of mushrooms, which have been used to applied power to travel the astral. In the world there are other plants. Modern shamanism is often left out the actual use of psychedelic plants, but the connection with nature and the healing power of plants is still there. We present on this web site extensively and open-minded about differences in shamanism, because we believe that every interested person in shamanism is good to be aware of their roots and history.

In old times, shamans act as substitutes for doctors and hospitals. They made traditional herbal medicinal products, which was able to enhance even the most difficult diseases. Today, many westerners people traveling over to indigenous shamans to be healed and spiritual surgeon to they problems. These healings has even scientific evidence and investigation, and these healings have help to be overcome even the most difficult tumors, to restore the injured human capacity and also affect the psychological healing process. Shamanistic healing is a powerful ceremony, which is often preparing for several months, with a precise lifestyle and diet.

Powerful and good shaman does not grow instantly. The old shamans are often dedicated to healing throughout their lives. They have devoted their entire lives and existence to Shaman road. This road can call anyone. Human is never actually choose to become a shaman, but she/he is always running through a certain kind of shaman invitation. Already in the past person who has open up to the spiritual matters, might have to go through life situations where even hers/his life, and at least all of the previous existence is threatened. However, identifying the shamanistic invitation she/he discovers a whole new world, and in particular the new ability to solve their own problems. After this she/he is ready to help members of their community of acquired knowledge and skills. Shamanistic healing is always based on the shaman’s own learning and experience hers/his healing journeys, although generally, the shaman also needs around a many guides and, either physical or spiritual teachers way to develop a full fledged healer and magician.
The shaman’s path can be described as a long-term friend and our guide, Golden Eagels words:

The shaman will experiencing distressing stages of hers/his development. World dispersed to them as a distressing parts what attack as a many kinds of spirits. What actually happens with this development is that shamans will re-organize the programs of reality. Daily is presenting the fear of losing her/him self and the fear of death. In this process shaman learns to move to another world with disciplined and safely. She/He is in the another world with fully conscious and will go there when is need to. Shamanistic road will became of hers/his personal force and safety.

Rituals are helpful to take advantage of the forces, so that the shaman does not lose her/himself in them. The shaman will learn techniques such as trance, sucking evil and protection which at the same time improve the relationship of trust with the reality and are taught to be improved to withstand the forces of reality.

During the trance, the shaman is able to go beyond the usual limits of each cultures knowing and seeing. Shamans are released from normal roles, for example, as a fears of a man and womanhood and thus they might be freer to move out about their identity and enduring death experience.

Shamanistic journey takes us in connection with the cosmic unite, the lap of life and death to rest and gather the strengthen of eternal sources of power. In many cultures, the shaman makes the trip on behalf of the patient. Sometimes the patient will make the trip. Often, as a gitf from the trip shamans may bring the patient a recipe with detailed information which healing herbs should be cooked that the patient can heal.

Second shamanism unusual reality in many traditions associated with ancestral spirits world. It is a world with who had dead already the silence world. That world is a common source of all human wisdom. There, living with all the wisdom and experience that mankind has acquired tens of thousands of years. This is not all. There seems to be a whole wisdom to organisms. The depths of our being within us is the knowledge of all life present. Trees, rocks and animals can directly tell they wisdom, as we move into that silence to reality. This is a huge opportunity to human.

The effects of shamanistic healing can be very concrete. The healing is not belong of the interpretation or feedback on its own, but the answers come from the spirit world during healing, and after directly to whom is treaded. The shaman goes for you to discuss in the spirit world with your astralbeing and your masters. They send the necessary assistance and messages either dream world, meditative state or during everyday life. Being healed, you should keep a pen and paper available for receiving messages.

Shamanistic healing is very powerful event. Shaman used the whole consciousness and willpower to call you through the highest Christ yourself the best energies of life and to protect all sides the energy expression as light. Sometimes healing also includes a spiritual surgery, a clear conscious person can feel the concrete sensations in their bodies. Often treated also feels and sees manifestations of energy through the third eye. These expressions should not be scared.