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Angelcrystals are multidimensional healing vibrations from high worlds of light. (New article about AngelCrystals) They are not physical stones but you can have allso gemstones with you, when you do or receive the healing. AngelCrystals were used in Atlantis and the healing was practised at huge crystalcaves those times. With crystalenergies there is allways very angelic vibrations, that’s why we call it AngelCrystals. Angelcrystals are very high vibration of holy fire. You might see white angels of the holy spirit during the healing. They are really safe and effective way to send distancehealing. You can study to be Angelcrystal -healer and awaken your old Atlantis- knowledge with our teacher Kati Kortesalmi:


fullsizerenderI am Kati Kortesalmi originally named Noomi. Sometimes I feel that I had born millions of years ago, sometimes when I look at my childrens wisdom I feel like I am 2. In this incarnation I had been live just over 40 years. My spiritual path has always been open and it has give me time to do my earthly doings first increasing the pressure slowly but firmly until I couldn´t bypass it anymore. Like the many people have I did also experience very painful wake up calls.

Since then I had start to find myself to engage more and more to find my true essence peeling off layers after layers. Many things happen at the same time. I did spend my childhood living in nature and I founded nature again. I had to go far before I could longing back to so important and naturally to me. At the same time I found crystals and other nature gifts. My children make me to realize that they are gifts in so many other ways too and they had been the most powerful teachers. I did went a few courses with Spiritual development of Oulu. 2013 I was finished for my ReikiMaster studies. During those years I was guided to the Star of Love and to Anu Markoff.

When Anu was publish the AngelCrystal-courses I felt the call. I started to use AngelCrystal during my healing treatments, with nature, with my family and for myself. Using AngelCrystals I felt strongly that it was so pure, genuine and natural that I knew this is something what I had longing for in this harsh world. Now I have finished AngelCrystal Master course focusing on meditative side and raised for spiritual surgeon. I am very happy to start as your teacher and continue together our journey with Love and Light.




The AngelCrystal Levels 1-3 by e-mail course

NOW! 65 €/ level (normally 120 €/ level)  You can send the payment via paypal to ”” .

If you have any questions about participation, you can write to ””

Once we receive your payment, we will send you email package and add you to our mailing list. Level 1 starts 1.1.2016, level 2 starts 1.6.2017 and level 3 starts 1.1.2018. The package includes a PDF package of top-level knowledge and 6-month period of weekly distance initiation hearings and once a month e-mail course letter.


First level is the so-called AngelCrystal basic level. All studies starts from first level, so that the foundations for healing will built on a strong foundation.

The level two, you will learn how to heal the environment, animals and human clients. You will have a few centralized crystals for different types of energies.
The Third level gives the keys to demanding work of AngelCrystal energy. You can use the energy, for example, in your healing space or keep a group meditations.

You will study the use of the healing AngelCrystal energy for a period of six months. Training includes the PDF manual, training advice, meditations and distance healing once a week. You will learn the basic techniques of energy healing as well as you opened your channel for healing energy.



Tanskalainen henkinen maailmankuulu edesmennyt rakas opettajani on arvioinut Rakkaudentähden työtä:

Rakas Anu

Idea ja impulssi vaikuttavat minusta erittäin syvälliseltä ja tarpeelliselta. Se on yksi uusi tutkimus, kuinka luoda täydentävä silta henkisyyden ja maan arjen välillä. Kokemuksena toimintamuoto ei välttämättä ole uusi, mutta se saavuttaa varmasti monia ihmisiä ja kerää monenlaisia kokemuksia. Tässä on muutama suosittelusana, jotka saattavat olla hyödyllisiä, kun mainostat kiertuettasi Suomessa. (Arviointia pyytäessäni kerroin Asgerille, että aion kiertää Suomessa pitämässä seremonioita ja tapaamisia)

Ihmiskunta on menossa läpi suuren siirtymäkauden, jonka aikana vanhat arvot, rakenteet ja elämäntavat yleensä häviävät. Uudet arvot ja elämäntavat eivät aina näy niin pian kuin haluamme ja koemme usein itsemme tyhjiössä: Epävarma tulevaisuudesta, epävarma mistä löytää rauha ja vakaus ja epävarma siitä, mitkä uudet elämän arvot ja tulkinnat ovat luotettavia. Tässä tyhjiössä tarjotaan monia uusia käsitteitä sisäisestä elämästä, sisäisestä rauhasta ja mukautumisesta henkisiin tietoisuuden lähteisiin. Aina, kun löydämme tällaisia ​​käsitteitä yhdistettynä sydämen kykyyn jakaa ja aitoon elämänriemuun, näemme mahdollisen tien tulevaisuuteen. Siksi Suomen kevytkierros (Anu: Sinulla voi olla toinen nimi) on erittäin suositeltava yhdeksi oveksi, joka voi avautua tulevaisuuteen.

Asger Lorentsen,


Dear Anu

The idea and impulse seems to me very deep and very needy. It is an experiment in one more way to bridge the gap between spirituality and everyday life on Earth. As an experiment the outcome is not certain, but for sure many people will be reached, and many experiences will be harvested. Here are some sentences of recommendation, which you may find useful for your work in Finland:

Humanity is going through a great transition period in which old values, structures and ways of life tend to fade away. New values and ways of life do not always appear, as soon as we wish, and often we experience ourselves in a vacuum: Uncertain of the future, uncertain of where to find peace and stability, and uncertain of which new values and interpretations of life can be trusted. In this vacuum many new concepts are offered of inner life, inner peace and alignment to the spiritual sources of consciousness. Whenever we find such concepts combined with a sharing heart and a genuine joy of life we see a possible path to the future. Therefore the Finland Light Tour (Anu: You may have another name) is highly recommended as one of the doors, which can open to the future.

Asger Lorentsen,