by Anu Heinineva
Translated from Finnish by Kati Kortesalmi

This week, on the theme of Halloween, a common course mail will be published on tuesday for all course participants. Shamanistic psychic school starts then on Friday and at the same time is sent also Spiritworld coursemail No. 1. The spirit world is therefore involved VERY strongly now.

The Shamanistic psychic school started a couple of years ago, but it has just been waiting for its launch ever since. I have been writing about new topics now and then, but apparently it has been more private process that has taken the time up this autumn.
I have studied as main activity the last 12 years the spirit world issues. More than 13 years ago, my middle child was born, and I started to make a real life change. I have been clairvoyance since childhood, and followed the example my stepfather’s footsteps in my life, after my middle child born I was strong enough to open my own path, and to that road I immediately stayed. At that time, I started getting strange absenteeism, which was interpreted as an epileptic, even though there was no change in the brain curve. Just recently I realized that they were psychic ability opening, as well as the activation of the remnants of past life, when I was a shaman, who falls into a deep trance.

I have in the past have already put forward the view of three-division, which accordance the light work is divided into three levels. There are those souls who are capable of making a deep liberalization and healing work also in the lower world. Then there are those souls who work in this visible world and also internally in medium levels and also they are those who stay in lighter consciousness and in bright light. All three form creates a chain of cooperation, where every input is of extremely important. I actually work on all three levels and these levels are also represented in the Star of Love association.

Somehow I feel that in the last year and perhaps in the coming year, the existence of these levels is becoming very visible in our work and we will get this machine finally started in the right way. I see the Star of Love as a big organization that now has many departments ready to work together to create a very effective healing machine for the world. There is no conflict between these departments and all activities take place in the common heart awareness that behind all we serve all the same One Life light. We can see how beautifull puzzle the spirit world has built and we will get that enormous pattern finally perfect for action now when the vision becomes clearer and the last departments are ready to start!

Listen more of my earlier thoughts of the departments and make the World Service Meditation through this link:


Above words shaman, psychic, pagan, etc. are often hovers very dark-speaking shadow and people think these supply of only the lower vibrations things. However, I have noticed that the for example AngelCrystals, altogether Angels and all the high energies of the universe, light helpers, Atlantis, the star souls, Avatars, Unicorns … are in that same channel, and I think our job is to convert from traditional heavy work to higher frequencies. It is really quite understandable if we look at the psychics or shamans or healers work as a kind of earth caretaker and servicer who keeps vibrations and is responsible for everything works. When the globe and humanity raise their awareness, the awareness and traditions of this profession must also be upgraded to a new vibration.

On the other hand, we can see this as a kind of picture of the new order of the old world, in which globally these departments live in melting harmony with each other. This was also the case with Atlantis, and where the collapse of society started to emerge from the conflicts that arose between different orientations and perspectives as the powers of the ego strengthened. United awareness disappeared from the heart and consciousness and then we began to believe that we were somehow separate and we were carrying a very different task in our hearts. Now is the time to come together again and see that all this is necessary to have in our hands the integrative and unity of the humanitys heart and the power what ignite the light of it again. ”

The change has been the very first in my life, or maybe I could say more transformation and transmutation. However, in such a way that I have notice to my life changed more prosperous, happier, smoother, more heartfelted and more meaningful in this process, which has been heavy at times. I project my own change to my family, children and my environment, which has also begun to obtain very good feeling new light, and infer that this tree is on a healthy basis and its roots absorb crystal clear water deep in the consciousness of the earth’s heart, and the leaves stretch the cool universal light of consciousness, enjoying it with all the power of Love.

If one thing I am pleased and relieved, this massive process has shaken every aspect of spirituality and it has trying to remove the pieces from all sides. Now that I know I had going through the mill, it’s wonderful to note that these pieces that are still left and visible today in the Star of Love and the whole thing is going to be built in a more meaningful direction.

If you feel the invitation to study with me this matter it is a good time to sign in our mailing list. We were in Jyväskylä for the weekend to hold the first shamanistic weekend, as we have been thinking of going to do also in future. In this training I received what I think a good words: I do not try to impose and I do not call anyone to enter in shamanic path, which may be deeply challenging and traditionally raises at the surface, especially at the beginning of opposition and fears to deal with, but who feel that I would be a suitable guide on this trip, I have here to use ”

I share in our mailing list of that awareness, technique and knowledge what I use in my own daily life and I also study with other shamans and healers. Many other theories and practices are surely, but I feel that I can teach nothing but my own knowledge. If your heart calls you to open that line what we are just opening up with this training, you should soon be sign in!

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