Translated from Finnish by Kati Kortesalmi


The purpose of Shaman salt is to clean, protect or heal. Making a healing and cleansing salt has come to my mind in practical situations and now I felt that I could share this with you. The salt is produced under the new moon and left to rest in nature on a flat glass bowl the day before the new moon emerges and energize from nature forces. Salt can be stored at home, for example on an altar, giving it additional protection to your home. Both types of salt blends can be use as a protective talisman by putting the finished salt in a small cotton bag and, for example, add an healing stone chips.


 When making salt, requests should serve light and be noble and benevolent on every side. Here again, before starting to work, it is good to ask permit for healing from your customer as well ask permit from plants, salt and stones. The idea is that you ask in your heart for all the light beings who work with you, to have their healing support. For example, all plants have their own deva spirit which, at your request, will enhance the effect of salt. It will be good to channel from bottom of your heart for request and during the whole preparation to practice to keep your thoughts positive and bright. Spirits also advises that using salt is one of the safest ways to make a healing or protective white magic. The salt absorbs all the negative and purifies strongly. It becomes as strong, how good and strong the intention is of its creator. Salt also cleans the soul life of its creator. In this way there is no risk of failure.


One or more of these can be blend with the Protective and Purifying Salt:


– Rose salt or sea salt, preferably in crystalline form. Salt should be bought for this purpose only
– Pepper, you can grind whole black pepper in the mortar while focusing the use of the salt in silence
– Dried nettle leaves as a powder
– Rosemary
– Carnation
– Sage
– Juniper
– Lavender


The cleansing salt can be put in a glass container, for example. To the bottom you can put an agate plate and add 1-2 dl of ready salt. You can put in the salt for cleansing your own jewelery, rosary, stones and magic items. The cleansing salt can also sprout into the corner of the house. In addition, you can make a cleaning spray on the spray bottle. Put the small touch of salt and water and small dollop apple vinegar in bottle at the same you quietly thinking that you make a cleansing spray. Now you can spray with water for cleaning every room at your home or people’s aura. Be sure to ask angels and higher self to take part for cleaning. Salt is good to be available when working, for example, in a psychic medium way.


These can be blend to a healing salt:


– Rose salt or sea salt, preferably in crystalline form. Salt should be bought for this purpose only
– Nettle
– Shamrock flowers
– Milfoil
– Calluna
– Wild rosemary
– Lavender
– Rose petals
– Essential oils for a few drops
– other healing herbs that you know have an effect on the desired matter. For example, abundance-appealing herbs.


The healing salt is kept on the altar next to the candle and incense, where there may be an customers photo. When burning a candle, through prayers ask to highest good for the customer. Alternatively, salt can be stored on customers own bedside table or in a personal cupboard or under the bed. You can use your intuition where you want the salt to be placed. The healing salt can spill into the corner of your home or you can put it in the home abundance corner if you have mixed it with herbs appealing abundance.


The healing salt can also be put inside in a healing small cotton or a linen cushion. With salt, you can put rounded stones in the pillow or even grain cereals such as an organic spelt. The cushion is kept on the body where healing is needed.


If necessary, salt can be energized again keep it close to the fire or by bringing it back to the nature environment for re-cleansing. If you intuitively feel that the salt has now come to its end, it’s good to take it back to nature. Used salt is good to bring back with thankful blessing to the sea, from where it was originally created.
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