What do we sing, in english:

I ask strenght to take the key, that opens doors of underworld.
I ask permission to bring all dark souls to light from there,
that they can have eternal healing with our Creator.

I ask love that I can bring my work till the end.
The horn lid will be dropped again.
I ask: go to the light, I ask: go to the light for everyone here
where whirlwinds take controll over us.

I ask strenght to make peace over the waters
I direct eternal light under the waves of the sea
Song of the angels will we sang here,
this is end of the sorrow and pain for all souls

I ask love that I can bring all souls to the light
I ask firmness to bear all heavyness of nether world
I ask guidance and protection to my dangerous work
and all light to shine upon my children

I ask the holy earth under my feets
share it’s ancient wisedoms with me
Fire of love will burn everyhting unnescessary away
all ashes I will bury deep down to the earth

I ask all the spirits of air to be great here
so that my wings will take me far away cross the borders(of worlds)
Oceans will soon softly cover all the wounds of the earth
Only the holy peace will remain here.

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