New World Lightworkes group of White Light ♥

New World Lightworkers group of white light by Rakkaudentähti is initiated. This new meditative world service group is for workers of light. You can join us from distance at you own home.

In this meditation we go as one great group, supporting each other, in to the halls of silence where ascended masters of hierarchy, great beings of light from other worlds, solar systems and dimensions are working. They are waiting for us in secred rooms in our hearts behind the ”geat doors”. They have promised to work with us and join with us in meditation. Then we create a flow of light and send it forward into the humankind.

If you feel this right in your heartcenter, you are welcome to write

This group is for advanced workers of light and we hope that we gain a little group of people who are willing to travel once a year and have a little meeting somewhere in Europe AND who are willing to work with us and give their own divine contribution of light into this group.

If you are running a spiritual group or company, you can join this meditation and worldservice as a group.

You can allso bring yourself and your own life areas into the cirkcle of healing love and light during this meditation. Because it is world service meditation, the healing energy will be very powerfull.

We do this meditation every wednesday and sunday at 21.00-24.00 your own pacific time. This meditation has no charge.

With love,
Anu Markoff  and Jorma Marjanen from Rakkaudentähti

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