By Anu Heinineva
Translated from Finnish by Kati Kortesalmi

Today, when writing the interpretations, the spirit world contacted me and got an interesting message. We were told like this: A person who is naturally clairsentience, clairvoyant, hears, feels and senses the energies of the spirit world not only because they have some purpose in your life, but because the energies are in this world just as there are all trees in nature, flowers, etc.

The fact that you see these creatures does not necessarily mean that the creatures have come to you. Most of the creatures are just on their way in the energy world on their own path, no matter where you are in the physical world. Spirits began to tell us that we humans often do not appear in energy world  the same way we do in the physical world. Since almost all creatures of the spirit world have not developed the ability to see the physical world, they may not even be able to see us even though we sense their energy.

For this reason sometimes some spirits are even frightened or surprised by bump to our energy. The spirit world was told that many beings, like they drifted there in energy flows, rather than deliberately even aim for anything. Your energy in the middle of the spirit world flow may feel like to them, like a stone in the middle of the river. These spirit world flows occurring among other things in naturally nature energy lines.

Connection to the spirit world is born through awareness. The energy of spirits from spirit world comes to us trough telepathy and our consciousness. It is really another world where creatures do not see things as we see in physical eyes. Some well-experienced and advanced powerful creatures, however, can communicate with our world as we can communicate with their world with light.

We feel in their world as stones when we can not be invisible to the spirit travellers. Invisibility and unnoticeable comes with training and modesty. It comes, among other things letting go of self-important and strong training. Sometimes people feel that they are part of the great harassment of the spirit world, have continually awkward wake-ups and feel unpleasant energies. In some cases, it is about that a person him/herself is extremely loud out to the spirit world and unknowingly ramming there into the flow of consciousness. In that case, it may be that a person for example, doesn’t follow accordance own guidance, in fact the heart’s consciousness, leads to parallel the lines and at least not to a deliberate guide to collision in the energy lines.

Not all spirit spirits even need to pay attention and the impression I get, that if you let them go without paying attention, even if you see someone’s soul, they will not pay attention to you ether. Learn this skill that you will not look directly into any soul or energy, so you are in a way self-protected too. For example, you can imagine on your shoulders Archangel Michael’s protective cloak that makes it easy to walk unnoticed.

The Spirit world said that the connection often arises through the fact that we are seeing a creature in our own ability and when we are look and feel this energy, a spiritual connection to this creature is born. Thought is such an energy in the spirit world that, it will stick to these beings, and they have to shake themselves out of it. If you could and learn to master your own thinking power, you can be invisible to a many spiritual beings and you are in a way protected.
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