Moon is now powerful! The channeling I received from this phase in the beginning of July:

Wednesday begins the last five days before the new moon. We get in the natural energies of nature like a warm loving cover on our shoulders to protect us on our journey in the underworld. If cleansing has ever been gentle and easy, it will definitely take place during these five days. Now you should carry all old stuff out from your home with a gentle mind without any kind of pressure feeling or hissing. Give yourself the opportunity to purify yourself internally in the same way. Now, purification does not necessarily mean crying or distressing circumstances, but it can be described more than as a deep exhalation that takes place after a long wait and brings with it a tremendous relief. If you suffer from stress in the course of a year, it is now the most amazing time to break it out and be just a moment in its sphere.

The weekend is now three very magical days. On Friday 21st, the moon gives its strongest support energetically and as it opens the magic gates of light so that we can make the month’s (year’s?) most powerful magic acts and energies. I get an intuitive picture that Friday you open doors and windows in the physical home and ask for all the negative energy of the year to walk out and get good energy in. If you have physical physical well-being, you can also carry the carpets out and lightly grind the walls and floors with sage and lemon water, for example. Now it may be a good time to clean and renew at home the altars and tune the shields over the house, as well as work on home energy. Also, this work should be done in sequences. It is a message to me that on Friday, all the stones and symbols will be collected from the altars and you can put them in brine or sea salt-nettle-pepper mixture for about 24 hours. Place the dish on the window sill for the night.

22.7 is the last day before the new moon, but at the same time it is the turning day of the moon in its row level. Burn on Saturday a lot of cleansing incense in your home, for example Palo Santo, sage and sandalwood. This is the perfect day to collect magical herbs and hang them in bundles to dry and tune and purge all your magical tools ready for the new moon day. Day is a kind of rest day, so all work is done slowly, calmly and completely in silence. Do not get rid of magic powers by sharing your intentions with others! 22.7 you can take the tools out of the sea salt in the morning and bury them in a small piece of cloth wrapped around at the root of a large tree for the next 24 hours. Be sure to ask for permission from the tree and from the ground to perform the burial. Remember that now you are practicing your own magic acts in all silence.

23.7 is the day of the new moon, and then the altars will be rebuilt and made a small ceremony asking the light forces to bless their own spiritual work. Go digging energy tools away from the landfill and lift them into the sunlight for a few hours. It is a good idea to activate the stones and healing rosaries in small meditation 23.7. So the vibration will support your entire coming year in the most excellent way. There is a small evening meditation at Star of Love Association at the beginning of the evening, starting at 21:00, on the Sunday World Service Day. After the ceremony, the magic tools are put back into their seats. The energies are now tuned! You can thank the spirits of light for their help and continue to happy with the coming year’s tour … <3 <3 <3

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