The stones have been used as healing purpose in many cultures. Stones and rocks were sacred places in ancient cultures. With the help of Crystals have been invited light to heal the sick. Religious temples have been display gemstones radiate the healing light. Stones brought about force fields, which were used to heal the sick, fatigue removal and retention of youth. The stones were the centers of many rituals and they were carried in bags in ensuring happiness and health. Inca culture did use stones vibration for even to heal fractures and other injuries. In ancient Egypt, was great color halls, which gave a combined stone and color therapy. Healing session was more efficient used music. Healing stones was also used to open to the human internal sight. Healing stones are among the others crystals, several quartz and gemstones, as well as an Indian river stone.

Stones have been used to improve and balance the physical restoration / preservation. Stones help to release and cleanse the negative energy. Stones have already been used in ancient India. Crystals can be set in among other things to chakras, energy centers of the body.

Crystals are like a frozen crystal energy. They absorb energy from higher dimensions and can transfer it to us by a way that is in better form the physical body.

The Angel crystal therapy is a combination of angel therapy, the transmit of crystal energyes energy, mental therapy, as well as intuitive healing. It combines the healing effect of stones, colors, sounds, odors, and working by images of mind. Crystal treatments are said to have been among other things during Atlantis, and now they have gained renewed popularity. The treatment is done either by remote transmitting energy or the presence of a treatment in a quiet room on the treatment table under the warm blanket.

I promised to tell you a Finnish stones curative powers. The Deva of Finnish stones also speaks to me today. Deva told me that Finnish stones are an important special feature. Nowhere else in the world does the same stone unite so many different kinds of quartz, as here. Deva shed light on me a little about this matter. Namely, united in a natural way quartz create energy portals or energy codes, which is then very own kind of healing vibrations!

Scientific data on Finland’s bedrock ”for the Finnish bedrock is very old, it has become the current state of about 3 000 – 1 400 million years ago. Some geological processes have occurred later, but they have not been very wide-ranging present. Finnish bedrock is thus a stabilizer, and the oldest in Europe. The Finnish bedrock has also been identified across the European Union at its thickest. According to the latest research shows that beneath us is in some places up to 230 kilometers in the solid state of rock. ”

Finland’s most common stone is granite, which is part of the solidified rock types, magma rock types and their sub-groups plutonic rocks. It consists of quartz, mica, feldspar, and sometimes hornblende, which can be separated from the surface of the stone granules. In connection with the corrugation of the mountains at high heat and high pressure granite becomes gneiss, which is metamorphosed rock types. The granite and gneiss composed of the same minerals: they are feldspar, mica and quartz. Gneiss have a lot of stripes. In besides, Finnish stone material are quartz rocks, which are among other things smoky quartz, snow quartz, rose quartz and amethyst.

When you think of rock formation and age, you can understand the special nature of Finnish stones. They are first of all an enormous old, so they contain very old consciousness. The older living creatures on Earth is all about, it strengthened healing and magical powers it contains. Much of the stone is also shaped by tectonic pressure, so they have been under a number of metamorphosis and transformation journey. In this way they also will be able to guide us in our transformation journey. They are actually gone all the transformation steps through they own birth, so the stones are able to carry us through our own phases.

Soil and rocky places is very modest-looking lumps, which however, contain quite a huge deep awareness. Stones Devas are very slow to talk to us and need at least ten times more peace and quiet than the trees and the plants Devas in order to get across and what to say. I, too goes a much longer time to channel this course as is usually do because the stone Deva speaks very slowly.

It is an old and large Deva and very rugged in appearance. It points out that the Finnish stones and rocks are particular powerful in shamanistic and spiritual sense. Devas message is that when you pick up Finnish stones, do not think about individual rock types so much, but listen to keep stone top of your heart or in your hand, which stone is strong for you.

A single stone can include many different quartz and the high healing stone types. Therefore, it is important to listen to your own heart, what stone you choose. However, the stones Deva reminds us of one thing. Namely, the old sacrificial sites will not be permitted to export the stones of your own home. If nature is an ancient shamanistic altar, do not violate the sacredness passing of the particles involved in the home. These stones are connected to the energy for the altar, and their strength can be felt only in their own holy places. On the other hand by collecting from wild nature the stones that speaks best for you, you may be able to build sacred altar to your own home yard?

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  1. Thanks alot for this interesting blogs Anu Heinineva.Today, we are surrounded by crystals. They are in the form of piezoelectric or they are in the form of healing crystal jewelry. These healing crystals help you to calm your soul, rejuvenates mind and protects us from negative entities.


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