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We will travel around Europe and make shamanistic healing sessions and educational groups for you.  Anu has been working as professional channel for 12 years and almost 40 years in her own life with spirits of light. She has been helping and teaching many thousands of people in Finland during past 12 years. Anu works allso as a healer. Jorma is a spiritual channel for healing music and voicehealer. Anu and Jorma has been working together with shamanistic path from year 2012. You can ask us to come to your country by email: Minimum groups size is 15- 20 people.

These teachings comes from spirits, our own experience and educations we have taken. We do not give you any 100% truth but many ideas to think about. We give many practical practices that you can expand with your own knowledge and inner wisedom. All modules includes a lot of information and you can come bag studying over and over again. It is allso possible to start learning by yourself by reading the manuals and doing mp3 meditations.

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Our old customers recommend:

”You have helped me more than anyone else with my spiritual path.”

”I have been able to practise my dreamworld and I have got more vivid dreams when I started this education. I have started to feel spirits.”

”I like your honest style and how you give yourself to this work. You practice everything in your own life first. This is not knowledge from books, it is your own experience. I can feel that you do not do this work for money, you are really dedicated.”

”I have been able to open my heart with you and to let go of my pains. Everytime I receive letter from you, I feel strong light and very high vibration behind the words. Sometimes I cry a lot when I read your texts, but in a good way.”

”When I came to your education I felt wall -like energyfield at the classroom. It was almost too strong for me to handle. At meditations I needed to open my eyes because I could not feel my body anymore. But I felt very safe all the time. Your voice and Jorma’s guitar are so calm and nice. ”

”You have given me so many good contacts with high spirits that I feel like a child at christmas.”


10 modules education

By Anu Heinineva
Translated from Finnish by Kati Kortesalmi
Imagine that there is a secret door in the woods where you can enter the world of fairies, goblins and light beings, where you can get a perfect personal guide to the world of healing plants. Imagine that behind the visible world there is another world of light where you can work with your soul team to help our Mother Earth who provide our life. Imagine that in the heart of our planet lives an ancient great and wise creature waiting for the heart connection with you ….
Finland has traditionally been the land of powerful seers, healers and shamans. Finland is full of shamanic sacred places where magical healings have been made. We have inheritance to discuss with nature spirits and have strong roots all the way to mother earths heart. We understand the language of nature spirits and discuss with the invisible world. Traditionally, we are strong dream seers. We possess these skills as an silent knowledge in our genes and have received an invitation to teach them to you.
Our personal life task was born from childhood by learning grandfathers and grandmothers of this traditional old Finnish knowledge and as one line of the heart we want to share the sacred knowledge to the world so that people can unite all over the world with the planet’s great consciousness and restore harmony to nature and live in a healthy balance while maintaining our planet’s resources.
10 modules
Our training is always pragmatic learning through our example. We teach by channeling meditations and exercises, as well as by concretely doing things. The idea behind all modules is that we give you the first knowledge and experience which through you can start to study at your own pace in your own life. This is a lifelong journey which you are called through your heart. You follow your own soul line and you will find in the spirit world those teachers who are familiar to you and whose messages you can receive. We work as a channel for you between earthly self and higher consciousness. All the magic is in you!
1. The seer in dreams
Being a seer and opening it is an important part of communication with the spirit world. Ability to seer can be practiced in daytime, meditation, and in dream world. In this section, we are studying the three seers types of dream and you will find the basics to become a powerful seer through training. We clean and activate the third eye and learn the resolution abilities and the different astral travel skills in this section. We learn to live in a shamanistic reality and break the cultural connections that prevent you from being your own holy true self. You will learn how to make seer traveling and receive spiritual guidance in a mentally healthy and strong way.
2. Skill of grounding
Grounding is much more than just rooting in the mother earth. You are learning to work with us with your energy centers. We’ll show you a few highly activating techniques that will help you get your own life force to use. With spiritual power, you get your own manifestation and magic work to rise to the levels of true miracles. Without grounding you can not be in contact with the nature spirit. At its most powerful, fully open nature connection leads to the world of power animals and produces strong psychedelic changes in the state of consciousness. You learn how to change and merge into nature, and know about secret places, energy lines, and deva spirits. Grounding is connected to mental responsibility as well as clean and impeccable life that we practice in everyday life as part of this training.
3. Skill of purification
Physical purification, spiritual purification and the activation of the soul are important things on the path of a shaman or healer. Letting go of the limiting factors that emerge from the past, the ending of an ongoing inner dialogue, and the silencing with soul are a prerequisite for the encounter of a genuine spirit world. You already have in your heart all the internal information you’ve ever wanted or looked for outside. Your soul lives in flow of virginal love perfectly combined with vibration of your home universe. We will help you with a variety of techniques to achieve a physical, psychological, and spiritual space where you can reach the level of one sacred life and leave the human drama world finally behind. Our journey is aimed at the streams of ascension and the consecration of your planetary path.
4. Skill of Healing
We are not talking about healing someone, but healing our self, which is a great challenge for us all. On the Shamanist path, we need first to humility to understand that we can not really cure anyone other than ourselves. Our main task is to focus on heal ourselves with the help of our own higher love-wisdom. Healing is remembering of our Divine form and awakening the consciousness of soul in the physical body. Before you can be a real healer, you need to heal, which is remember yourself and your own task at all levels. Healing is the long-term path of become whole that leads soul back home and towards earthly soul connections. The result of the healing is the activation of the heart by embracing the virgilan streams of love and connecting again to the consciousness of the home universe.
5. Connection to our Planet Sacred Life
In the heart of our planet, lives a holy ancient teacher who is ready to help us return to the balance of nature and teach us to live in harmony with the sacred universe. This being is a channel always up to the flows of the one sacred life of the universe. Messages are pure love and they open to those who have a genuine and pure heart. We learn how to create contact with nature spirits, discuss with the plants spirit bodies and explore, for example, forests, the sea, and the earth’s living consciousness. At the deepest, you open to understanding the great ancient spirit that has made a great sacrifice for us in the early days for settle in our planet’s heart and maintains all lives.
6. Shamanistic Techniques
The journey is through shamanistic magic techniques. At this course we learn how to protect, open energy flows, identify paths, magical expression, drum travel, voice use, calling power animals, and among other things, changing shape and astral travel. You learn to identify power places, cross time lines, create telepathic communication, and connect to your own spirit guides in astral world light levels. We will do together the healing shamanic ceremony, which includes the healing songs we had channeled. You learn to deal with the power and work with the shamanistic reality through your own supreme consciousness.
7. White magic
White magic is the gateway to planetary sacred life. In this section, we build a rocky magic power circle. We work with the healing smoke. We make energized crystal waters and powerful personal talismans. We are making a real shamanic fire ceremony where you can let go from the past. We learn to communicate with the elements of nature and to enter in meditation trance mode to the level of another world. We are learning a few healing techniques that activate and ground us. We work with salt and water and sanctify our magical work by following the stages of the moon.
8. Raising your Spiritual Power
Making shamanic drum and other magical power objects belongs at certain point in the healer’s path. Self-made and channeled from your own consciousness, power objects and spells and magical understanding are the most powerful tool for the healer. We will make tools for incense, energize your home, healing, shamanic travel and energy work. You learn to use rocks, plants, and other natural elements to help you with magical work. You will find a connection to your deep spirit power and learn how to bring it to life as a resource for yourself and your loved ones.
9. Magical forest trip
We spend the day in the woods and are learning to talk with nature spirits. We lead you to the nature trail and teach you how to walk into the magical world of the forest, how to find energize places and how you can activate to be part of a planetary sacred life. The magical forest trip gives you the ability to survive in nature and understanding the frequencies that we need when we live in nature organic way, collect our own food, produce our own medicines and be independent of the abusive lifestyle of the modern society.
10. Going to the original places
The ultimate baptism into the shamanic mystical world of healing happens by hiking to the top of the fell, connecting with universe under the stars, listening to the songs of the northern lights, serving the midnight sun, be with the silence at open fire, connecting with earth force in autumn, breathing the prana awakened by the spring sun. Healing will be received in the Finnish traditional sauna. Shamani activates own power by passing through the Finnish mystical cycle of the year which through shaman learns a lot of wisdom about life and death and silence. The multiform magical nature of Finland offers a number of initiations that can be experienced with a safe guide by your side. Finnish nature is strong and stopping, sometimes it is even a scary but unique transformational experience. We are happy to travel to you to keep training, but when you are ready to face your true self with inner silence, we are waiting for you at home …


Our Prize:

Half day (4 x 45 minute education 30 minutes pause) 50 euros
One day (8 x 45 minute education 2 x 30 minutes pause) 90 euros
Two days 150 euros

People with low income may have -30%. People with very low income may have -50%. If you need to have discount, contact us 2 weeks before education.


NOTE: It is important to know that with all matters we teach, you should listen to your own inner wisedom. Take what resonates with your heart. It means that you should allways listen to yourself and your feelings. Do not swallow anything what feels difficult for you or what you do not understand. Specially if something feels very strange to you, let it be, it is not for you at this moment. It is allso possible that later the same information feels natural and easy to adapt.

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