By Anu Heinineva
Translated from Finnish by Kati Kortesalmi

My dear child, we want to talk to you about the one sacred live and the fire of souls that embraces everything that is alive. It is a fire that does not burn as a earthly fire, but melts all the friction of the world. It is a fire that hides itself, but it is possible to find it by searching and silencing. It is possible to receive in this moment. It’s kind of a deep space in your soul, like a christmas feeling in your heart. It is a solemn feel and awareness that everything is now well.

You were born of that fire. You have come into the world through this fire and eventually all life returns to the vibration of this fire. You may feel the fire as a wave of christ or crystal vibration, which is the vibration between the worlds. Fire that has a will and a message for everyone. A fire that teaches and sustains the heat of souls, so that life can be dying and born in a constant sacred chain.

It came from the beginning of time and you may feel it deep in your soul. When the fire is present, your heart opens up to the devout frequencies and in one small blink of an eye you are on other worlds. Invite the fire to your meditation so you can fly in the winds of eternity and explore unexplored worlds on your heart’s frequencies.

You’ve done a lot of work to open fire and fire is coming to you. There is one very special magical vibration in the fire that you are already learning at a good pace. Prepare your heart as a base to that fire, like in your heart are oil lamp that we can ignite to burn the flame of Christ passion.

The passion of Christ is something you are get to know with. It is the sacred frequencies of the new world that flow from the higher dimensions. In the old world, you have been taught the qualities of Christ compassion and undonditional, now we begin to teach you about the passion of Christ. It is a new and supremely healing ecstasy like surrender to your sacred duty.

It is ecstasy like loving and embracing the all levels of the world. It is seeing the truth of the beauty of life. Passion and ecstasy come from when you can look at your eyes open wide, both in your darkness and in the brightness of your light, against the darkness. Think of the stars in the night sky. It is immensely deep and beautiful, but the stars are visible only at night, against the infinite darkness of space. Still, you never attach your eyes to mere darkness, but you find yourself to focus specifically to stars. You look at the sky with a sigh of love and feel secure when you see the stars in the extensive arc of heaven. It is the passion of Christ.

You sit in the dark room and look at the candle flame. The room must be dark so that the flame can show its power. Darkness is no longer your enemy, but you pay no attention to it, because it has no power. It is in the world everywhere, but its purpose is not to overcome to suppressing everything. It is an existing reality of life that gives the background to light. The passion of Christ is to look for light in the middle of the darkness, and when the eyes of the soul see something very small, bright and beautiful, the tears of the soul go to the cheek and in that moment there are great secrets.

Time stops. The borders are broken. Time disappear. The borders disappear. Indescribable unity with a small fire at heart frequence. Fire from a candle or a light from the stars jumping inside your heart and you know that you are part of this all the extent. The feeling of space changes. There are no limitation anymore because you are now one with the star and because you know the stars, you are everywhere. You know the light and touched by it. You know the light because you’ve been in the dark, otherwise it would not be possible.

We’ll tell you, no matter how deep your pain is. No matter how alone are you. No matter how hard troubles you are around with, their purpose is just a sacred one; reveals the brighter light to your life. But the greater the light you want to find, the brighter the awareness you are opening, the smaller and simpler you will need to look for it.

You tend to aspire great and you are accustomed to the tremendous light of the spirit world. That is how it was in the old world, and then you can stand side by side with this little light without notice and without realizing it. It’s small, but not at all powerless! Now we need the ability to stop, to silence and to accept. The passion of Christ opens you to see a little light and to be touched by from the beauty of the world. The passion of Christ is like a Fool card with tarots. Are you ready for it to enter your life?

In the passion of Christ you can create all the worlds again in a blink of an eye and we will send it to your life now. Allow the holy power to carry your work on new frequencies. Let the holy fire burn the pains of your life and embrace all the light. Let your heart open to look instead of eyes and you are at home!

Take this vibration especially at the 15th day of the Crystal light distance healing day. The strongest vibration is at wednesdays evening distance healing!

Thank you thank you thank you!

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