By Anu Heinineva 5.11.2016

Translated from Finnish by Kati Kortesalmi

In the past few days, I have been many thoughts about spiritual awakening and consciousness change to the fifth dimension. This matter was recently discussed in Oulu during the Diamond ray meditation. As I view raising awareness of the Fifth Dimension, I see certain things that I want to talk to you today.

The basic vibration of consciousness is a frequency that deeply affects what kind of life we ​​experience and what attitudes, values, energies and behaviors attract to us. The level of awareness is like invisible computer program inside us. This program defines the course of our thought process and what kind of level we can see everyday things. We do not really have the power over this program. So we can´t with intention of thinking to change this program.

Vibration of consciousness could be described in everyday terms like this. You have a small object in your hand that you want to look at. In the third dimension, you use ordinary glasses that sharpen your eyesight. So you can see the item details what you can see through the eyeglasses. In the Fifth Dimension, you have a complex microscope that allows you to bring invisible details into view. In the third dimension, the basis of people’s consciousness vibrates a certain frequency, and all the souls who are living internally at that level will experience the world almost exactly the same, regardless of the cultural differences.

These experiences are mostly sensations of our own earthly and how deeply we are immersed in illusion of the human mind. The third dimension involves the inability to separate earthly and eternal from each other with spiritual eyes. In this dimension, most important issues in the life often become earthly issues. Most of humanity still lives in the consciousness of the third dimension and is reflected in world values ​​and in the general mindset of thought. The level of awareness is like our own genetic, it guides and control our understanding and affects our ways of responding to the external world.

In the third dimension, it is possible to wake up to study the fifth dimension values if crowd of people meet a teacher with higher consciousness. This is how it has been done in the past, there have been gurus and teachers among us, whose consciousness has been so much more so-called mental superiority. These gurus have had the ability to see through the third dimension collective earthly illusion and have been able to teach us the higher values ​​that we have been practicing with more or less good success over the last centuries.

Difference with the fifth dimension consciousness and the training of our mind thought is clear. Such a soul whose inner reality vibrates the consciousness of the third dimension is capable of absorbing many unselfish values ​​and acting according to the information she/he has told too, but does not have a deep understanding and a personal view of why it is. Her/his choices, thoughts, and deeds are guided by the gained knowledge in place of the deep inner need. We all have the ability to see in meditation about 1-3 degrees higher worlds then our own consciousness and therefore we can learn values ​​and models from higher worlds. We repeat them because, as a smart being, we see that this is better. Higher consciousness works for us as a guiding star in the darkness and studying higher values ​​raises our energies any case.

However, when consciousness starts internally rise to the fifth dimension, it is a purely invisible process that only happens to human. These days it is happening to many, regardless has she/he been or not interested in spirituality. I’ve seen several cases where human self is truly surprised, what is happening. When consciousness starts to rise, crises are created. For a moment, life can be revolutionized without any external stimulus being done or that human would have been in any way aspiring to do so. It is also worth mentioning that everyone who has become aware of the fifth dimension consciousness does not become ”angelmaniac” or energyhealers.

Actually, changing consciousness can not be pursue in any way. It can not just make to happen, but now we live in such a time when into mankind flows huge amount of energy and light that transforms our consciousness. Our planet collective plan has been written long time ago this time, when this planet vibration will crucially change. It has been offered to everyone of us and actually the wave of the awakening can be accessed by giving it permission to happen.

When consciousness rises to the fifth dimension, the third dimension world view is finally behind. If you’re on journey to higher vibration, you can look back and you may notice like you had live mentally in the closed bag. You can see your own beliefs and the third dimension thinking energy just behind you and how much you’ve become involved in everything. Many have experiences issues such as death and life. How in the third dimension we have been identified with the existence of body form and physicality. Humans connect the reality of their existence to the history and vitality of their own physical body. A person who is firmly in the third dimension can not see the life outside of  body. Human existence has begun at birth and disappears in death. All the values ​​of life are based on this experience that goes from a very deep point of view to the instinct world.

As consciousness expands, it will ultimately change you. However, human is no better or more valuable, whether it is the awareness of the third or fifth dimension. It may be painful to become aware of the limitation of lower thinking, and sometimes life can even seem like a nightmare between the two worlds. The change of awareness involves strong periods when you do not know exactly what you would think of anything. The existence of human may seem, at times, insignificant. Life raises the deep existential questions and the energy knowledge that comes with them and the enormous internal spiritual flows. It may seem that the ground of your life is gone when you can no longer rely on a familiar, safe conception of life and existence. Still, there is no reason to fall into despair.

When you feel the invitation to expand consciousness, you should work with it every day. The journey can be long and sometimes you may feel that you are very alone. On the other hand, the more you move forward, life feels more meaningful and you are more involved in life forms you may not have known at all. You will find personal ways to work on the journey and to strengthen a new kind of feeling of being. You can always read the literature to understand what kind of worldview you get in, but excessive attempts can even slow down the invisible process. Instead of trying hard to be something, I recommend relaxation, self-care, clearing life, calendar revision, diet and lifestyle reorganize, and maintain regularly energy levels.

Diet and lifestyle play an incredibly important part in the process. Fifth-dimensional body usually does not melt highly processed food and it suffers more than usual additives and certain heavy foods, it may be good to start to get higher vibration cleansing on your own body and dietary changes. Certain well known nutrients even block internal flows and bring low energy to sensitive spiritual levels! Clogged home energy might keep you in old and you may know that already, for example, all old goods maintain the vibrations of related memories. Cleaning alone will not lift you into the fifth dimension, but it will make room for your life for new energies to step into everyday life.

Internal consciousness rises, among other things, by reading and thinking of highly vibrate issues. You attract what you pay attention to. Therefore, it may be a good idea to study spiritual matters. Investigating issues with the right attitude accelerates the process of changing consciousness. As you always read and absorb texts that vibrates with your own heart voice, you will not be misled. The Star of Love´s courses help to let go, remember and realize the earthy but still channeled messages from the spiritual world.

The spirit world is strongly involved in raising awareness. Close to our world has come a huge number of high-light beings in order to help us in this great process that is for all mankind. Some of us have chosen our soul plan to go to higher consciousness in the fronts of mankind, and then with own understanding help others on their journey. This can be very everyday work with your family, close friends, colleagues and relatives. It is not about missions or converting. The fifth dimension consciousness is not a religion, but simply an internal frequency which through the world looks quite different. In the Star of Love works a group called the Crystal Light Carriers. It means souls who feel in their heart to call help humanity on small or large scale journey to the fifth dimension.

Other good ways of helping spiritual change, for example, to join unselfishly of world service meditations, which pray and transmit light to the benefit of all mankind. At the Star of Love we work weekly.
  • On Wednesdays, you can pass on and receive distance healing
  • On Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays you can pray for the world
  • In shamanic days, you can ask us for internal scanning and stronger astral world healing
The more you prosper in such high light vibrations, the more your internal invisible process is progressing. It could describe that when you are attending healings you are like a bite in an oven. The light acts like the heat of the oven and it ripens the bun to fit and gets the bun sticks to work as intended. By the same way, you have the right recipe for the change of consciousness inside of you, when you just give it the right conditions to happen!
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  1. VISHNU ESSOO sanoo:

    Hi, very uplifting articles, eyes opener.
    A bite in the oven, very well explained
    Thank you


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