The Star of Love was founded in 2006, when Anu started weekly meditations and healings every wednesday at 21.00 local time.  It became a registered association 20.12.2011. We offer various online courses in spiritual growth, courses from working as a seer and healer. Background for association Star of Love affects the Seer-Healer Anu Heinineva and musician Jorma Marjanen. The Star of Love shamanistic side comes from Anu and Jorma´s connection and interest in shamanic path and Santo Daime. The underlying influence for the Star of Love comes from traditions of Brazilian syncretistic based on folklore shamanism, old finnish traditions, spiritual growth communities and the New Age.



anullaasiaaAnu Markoff

  • Shamanistic medium
  • Clairvoyant, healer
  • Voice healer
  • Meditation Teacher
  • Poet and songwriter
  • Reiki -master, Sechem -master and Angel crystal -master (and founder)
  • Spiritual communicator (name given by my teacher, Asger Lorentsen)
  • Asger Lorentsen spiritual therapist
  • Star of Love CEO and founder
  • Nurse (anesthetic)
  • Managing director


I have been a clairvoyant healer since childhood. I have worked as clairvoyant, healer and spiritual teacher since 2006. Psychic work and interest in shamanism and nature spirits have been with me from the very young. I have studied with the help of several spiritual teachers shamanism and improving helper function. A strong love and connection with nature is inherited from both the father and stepfather. I have been described as warm and human-centric helper.


jormaprofiiliJorma Marjanen

  • Shamanistic medium
  • Musician
  • Voice healer
  • Poet and songwriter
  • Art teacher
  • Social lecturer
  • Star of Love Deputy Executive Director




I am since childhood been in contact with the spirit world. through music I have been able to master the mental states always knowing even what it is. I have studied esoteric knowledge from a variety of sources, from my youth. My idols have been theosophy, philosophy of Christology and Krishna Murti. I have studied with African drumming teacher for several years. All of this has led to the shamanistic path of awareness. This path consciously, I stepped into the Amazon with the help of teachers. During this time I have been involved with music very widely.


fullsizerenderNoomi Kati Kortesalmi

  • Reiki Master
  • AngelCrystal Master
  • Healing photographer and writer
  • Healer
  • Youth and free time leader
  • Augmentative and alternative communicator AAC
  • Clairvoyant, -cognizance, – sentience and -audience
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