We live in a time when the world is incarnated in a large group of light helpers. We have already studied for this task of soul in former lifetimes. Now the world crackles at the joints and it is zoom a new spiritual levels and, therefore, for us it is an invitation to channel forward the light.

In order to end the suffering of the black night on earth, and we could ascend to a higher universal love and light vibration ….

Could You be here to work as a Crystal Light carrier?

If one or more of the below phrases and statements touch you and feel familiar, it can be your soul task to work together with Crystal Light carriers’ group.

– I was born a human being for a particular purpose,

– I know I’m an eternal creature

– I understand the world after death

– Crystal Energies feel invitingly

– Healing stones feel invitingly

– I’m interested in the healing sounds,

– Great White Brotherhood, the Ascended Masters and spirit guides that interest me

– I am clairvoyant, or it interests me

– I am a healer, or it interests me

– When I was a child, I was a spiritual person

– I have a special sensitivity

– I have a very sensitive / allergic body

– After the 2000s, I have strongly started to become more sensitive

– I’m getting education in the spirit world

– I’m getting strong visions of the spirit world

– I am a channel and write channelings

– I remember spontaneously former lives

– Part of former lives has been a very traumatic

– This life has been difficult and traumatic

– When treatment I often see the negative energy creatures

– As a child and as an adult I sometimes suffer from fears (especially the supernatural world)

– I have a tendency to feel the oppressive energies of the world

– I see spirits and deceased creatures and I will bring them to light

– I feel a calling to clean the energyes

– I know other people’s events intuitively, especially if someone close to me is suffering

– I’m emotionally involved in the world’s disaster zones

– I feel other people’s emotions as my own

– I carry the other people´s burdens in my own body

– I heal others through my body and my own experience

– I miss home planet

– I´m interested to the world’s service

– I’m looking for my own soul group

– I´m an Indigo or Crystal or a Star human

– I’m interested in the esoteric spirit of science

– I’m interested in the white magic

– My soul is a little wizard and a magical type

– My eyes are said to be hypnotically

– I believe in a higher level of ability

– I had a dreams or visions of meditations where masters-Brotherhood calls me

– I miss my own soul purpose

– I’ve been in Atlantis

– Ordinary humanity egolife does not interest me

– I have a special sensitive family / kids

– I’m not interested in ordinary career path and acquire money and goods

The more of the above describes you, the more likely we recommend you to visit our Group Crystal Light carriers! It may well be that you’ve found it, and arriving home!

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