By Anu Heinineva
Translated from English by Kati Kortesalmi

Are we the lost nations of the earth angels? Are our roots really from Atlantis? This message has come to me for about a year and it feels like to strengthen as I have healed my own roots and have opened to the Finnish nature.

Did you know that we have not been in the history of a Christian nation but of the pagans with own Finnish natural religion? The Finnish beaches and hills are crowded with old sacred places and we had a very strong knowledge of the methods of healing and the spirit world.

In the 1700s, soldiers coming from Russia took over nearly 100,000 girls from 500,000 people, young women and children as slaves. They were exported to Muslim countries and Africa where we were not considered worthy of humanity because we were pagan and therefore could be enslaved. The job of the slave was not necessarily difficult, but especially the young girls were far removed from harems and upper crusts wives.

300 years is not much. To replace the paganism, we were offered Christianity, which was planted in our country, often by threatening to life. According to a fierce story, a powerful shaman was killed and laid on the fence of the church as a warning to other pagans. Our sacred places were ashamed, our old consciousness was cast with witchcraft in the swamp. The old spells were forgotten and the paganism was hidden behind the sauna and the hair were comb and went on Sunday to the church.

The people of Finland have a past, which is not taught even in the books of school history. Why on earth? Perhaps a sore decision was made because we did not want to be slaves and wanted to become European? Did the children of the war also sended to Sweden, so that our later generation would not again become a slave to the distant countries? Have we chosen civilization as the spirit of our lives and have come to this world by leading this great pain?

We often have to lose what is most important in us. Often, things get brighter when they are taken away from us. I’m in the last week opened up to understand a whole new path to opening spirituality, which I wrote a long letter to Academy students and a Life Member Association on this day. I also open it in this newsletter.

Does the spirit world remind us of our roots? Our mission is to remember the knowlegde, as Christian Pagans, that is enclosed in our genealogy and DNA.

You may live perhaps in a strong physical body with inherited DNA with the knowledge of the spirit world that is not taught in any church. However, because of our history, we are no longer the only pagans, but there are many streams flowing in us. If you look at your everyday life, there are still many pagan ways and traditions hidden there. That is why we are not totally ecclesiastical ever. On the other hand, the things of Christian religion have been brought to us so forcefully that we are no longer completely pagans ether. The container of consciousness has been broken in many directions and thus it has to be.

According to my understanding and the information I have received from spiritual world recently, we are one of the hidden people in Atlantis and our task is to bringing Atlantis Crystal consciousness into one single wholeness. Hidden in the crystals was a very high consciousness of the spirit, and in the course of time our own heart has been shaped and polished into a crystal dish. Physical crystals no longer exist, but the consciousness of the heart has now become so strong that it can receive the libraries of lost consciousness. You yourself are the lost treasure you are looking for!

The consciousness of Atlantis is in us in the body and in the soul. The body is a crystal dish where knowledge is floating on the DNA level whereas spirit is the key that, when combined with the physical body, liven up the old tradition. The lost Atlantis fragments are invisible in us, and they are now plunging into a perfect crystalline way through which the original light of mankind can flow into the entire world at internal levels.

Certainly some other country in the world has similar tribes, but I have a strong message that it is time for the Finns to wake up to remember their own job. And not just in imagination and daydreams thinking we are lightworkers, but rather really start weekly to channel light and step up maybe not physically, but at least internally, maintain a channel that only the lost tribe of Atlantis can sustain.

If these words are true, a new wave of spiritual awakening opens to us all if we agree to start meditating the lost nation. That is why I renew Wednesday’s distance healing services this week and I invite you this Wednesday and all Wednesday with me to meditative healing starting at 9 pm, during which we receive the deepest healing light for ourselves.

If your heart resonates with these Atlantis issues and the roots of Finnishness, you can say before meditating on the Spirit that YOU would like to receive your own Holy Light and the spiritual task you have been set to your self for a long time ago. Well … then just look what will happen. I will be happy to hear your feedback as I am quite confused about these new strong messages that begun to flow through the spiritual world education for me.

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