Originial text: Anu Heinineva
Translation in english: Kati Kortesalmi

Through the human inner universe, goes a line of connection and oneness
with a larger and wider universe. In your human body structure have the
structure for whole universe, in your spark of being is everything you see
around and also what you can not sense.

We now live in the month of relationship and inner oneness. I get the
inspiration to write and channel a few words about twin flames and
relationships. One of the most important tasks of a relationship is to mirror
you for your own limitations and stumbling blocks that prevent you from
living in perfect unity with the divinity found in your own inner being.

I get immediately noted that it is also relationship even you do not live with a
partner or haven´t found a partner. That is part of the relationship-energy,
like divorce, love, romance, and family creation. Therefore the spirits first ask
everyone without partner or people who consider to divorce, realize that we
are forever part of the relationship energy as it is actually energy or the power
and through that energy you connect to your inner self, your inner universe,
your own inner levels of Deity, or all in relation to the outside world! So there
is no space where you would not be in relationship. You are relation, but your
relationship status may be lonely in some stages of your life.

The spirit world also say that if you find it difficult to find a partner for
yourself, it may well be the source of the belief that you are thinking of living
without a relationship. So you think you are without the relationship energy.
If this is the case, you may ask in this month’s distance healing to get deeply
involved in your internal relationship energy.

The spirit world will now explain this to this letter. In you, you have all the
levels of Divinity, like every one of us have. In you, you have the whole
universe wisdom, holiness, depth, light and love, but you were unable to unite
it before you were transformed / transforming. Because you read this letter,
you are pretty far in this transformation already. Spiritual awakening and
begin of the spiritual path are one of the safest signs that the inner Deities
level information has been successfully awakened and started.

Today’s people have many day-conscious layers to prevent reunification with
their own inner levels of Universe and Deity, because also those layers are
part of the universe and its system. We have belief structures that prevent us
from experiencing our own real self. Actually, the only thing that prevents us
from being in a perfect Divine enlightened state, and in balance and in unity
with the universe, is our own belief in the universe and the mindset we hold
on the every possible way.

Relationships, and in particular the Twin Flame Relationship, are meant to
transform all of these things. When you work with a partner and family, into
everyday life you are brought into to the pains where you do not vibrate in
love. Are you going to be angry, you like your own point of view and feel
heavy, anxious?

Now the spirit world will say that just when you lose your temper and become
angry you have come to the point where you should let go. If you do not feel
hate and anger anymore in everyday life, you have stepped over one of your
transformation stages, congratulations!

When you get angry, you have come to the angle you need to change. Your
partner has just made you a sacred service right now and has shown you
where it is most important to review your own vision. Even if the other is
wrong and you are right in that case, the anger tells you that you are out of
your inner universe wisdom.

When you are in unity with your inner universe, you will not be angry, but you
will see the words, the deeds and the thoughts of love that will also melt the
frustrating structures of your partner. When you get angry and upset, you are
in that part of your own internal structure that prevents unity with your
Universe. When you can not love your partner, you really can not love

You really do not get angry with your partner, but for your own powerlessness
to see better. You get angry to your own view that does not flex in the way it is
intended. To the demands that have created a cultural perception for you. You
respond inward inorganic, and all the answers are Love. The Love for
yourself. Love to your partner and Love to your inner universe, who wants to
be alive and ever-flowing.

The Twin flame connection begins with your own inner universe. Many of you
wants a twin flame physically close to you, but this moment, the spirit world
tells you that finding a twin flame does not change anything, unless your
inner universe is not open. You will not be able to feel that great twin flame
love even if you are together. Instead, you can feel other twin flame motions
such as twin flame anguish, which is one of the strongest anxieties, an
unprecedentedly powerful feeling like the twin flame love is. Your twin flame
has the power to mirror you, not alone inside of you the great light and love
and bring them alive, but on all sides of the world of emotional experience.
Are you ready to dive into your worst fears and to solve the internal conflicts
in the final way? Are you ready to trust in Light and Love?

Therefore, we are given other partners first. You can take all relationships as a
step towards perfection. It is not so much towards a perfect relationship and
the fulfillment of all our desires, as towards a complete unity within your
inner universe.

Once that unity has been achieved, you are also ready to accept the twin flame
love that is said, that while the inner universe is open, you have a twin flame
love, regardless of whether she/he is physically with you or not. Of course, the
physical encounter is in this state a great reward and fullness after all the
efforts, but it must not be our goal, in that case we will never reach a physical
contact. So do not look for twin flames from the internet, but extract the
internal obstacles so you can rest in your own inner universe.

If you find it difficult to reach your own inner universe, it is just as difficult or
perhaps even harder to reach the same thing outwardly. If you could succeed
pulling in your twin flame, it would not bring relief, but a more powerful pain
in your life because your inner universe would not be open. Meeting could
lead to great disappointment and fundamental loss meaning of life. You can
not expect your twin flame to save you with love because she/he is most likely
to face the same challenges of the inner universe as you are.

You can not ether expect to be able to help your twin flame on these issues
because you have your own half to handle. So the wise choice is to take
responsibility for your own half internally, and work it open for you both,
yourself, Divine, Light, and all of mankind.

The goal should be set to open and revitalize the inner universe, because
through it we will only be in state where is possible to face the outer universe
of Loving conscious of yourself.

All this month, through the Star of Love the support flows to everyone who
wants to work their own inner universe in this way. All openings are
permanent and lead us not alone towards a more loving relationship and
everyday life or internal connection with Deity, but help us to do the often
forgotten and invisible important work behind everything and undervalued
theme; Moving the entire human race to a more loving level of existence.

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