Translated from Finnish by Kati Kortesalmi

This summer has felt to be very powerful transformation time to many. Maybe you are so full of transformation that it flows out to your ears, because it has been talk about so long since a beginning of 2000. Does it never end?

Reality is that we are going through so massive global change that it will take time. We work together not given up and take step by step small uplifts to the fifth dimension consciousness. The Universal plan is, that now will be lifted a very large part of the beings to the new dimension.

Today feels to be one of those days when these changes happen. I have felt a very strong energy all ready a few days ago. This morning about 9 am happened the first bang. I felt how one of my bodies died and crashed on the floor. I didn´t think more of it and continue to do my everyday tasks until about an hour later I felt a very powerful energy wave to arise inside of me, almost like something broke up in the tiny little pieces in me. Instantly it flashed to my mind that don´t fight, just let it happen. So I relaxed and said, that now I will be broken to the thousands little pieces.

What did follow was extremely strong consciousness of light and uplift to the new. I believe and experience that this didn’t happened only to me, but to very many human on this world. Same time I did receive a message to bring all, what is going on:

First they say, these time are times that nothing happens only to one human at the time. In old time initiate did come one soul at the time, but now it is typical to bigger group to be prepare at the same time to go at the same time to the higher dimensions and the souls of this group assist each others for growth and opening. The higher sacrifice itself to be stepping board and no one will be left behind.

And the second thing what was reminded was karma essence. We have stepped to the new time where karma is different. My light guide started this time lesson, at the level of souls there is no karma. Only karma what is in this new consciousness are the incomplete issues inside of her/him what human has not allowed the divine love to embrace to be whole. The only karmic job is for now on to heal and to became whole with all wounds of soul. Of course the soul guidance leads to help others as well to heal and became whole their own wounds. The entire world is same situation to became whole!

I will receive the vision, that we had been uplift from the third dimension in physical form to some sort of dimension of healing and many humans still longing for the old habits and routines, but these not bring the same out comes then earlier because those are the reality of the third dimension. So let go and accept that we will become part of the Universal Love and Light world, where gentleness, compassion and forgiveness are our resource and to became whole is our birth right.

After the last crash I felt a strange space. Suddenly I felt deep in my soul that there are no more obstacles for humans to step in the light. Even the darkest murderer is invited to the light in this time no matter what she/he has done in the third dimension world. Those actions what become as a burden in third dimension, are now possible to left behind. Great forgiveness is waiting for all of us, who is ready to receive it?

For some it feels bad to think that those who had take bad actions will not get their punishment in spiritual level. Reality is, there is no hell. In spirit level there is no bad or good. When we surrender to the light of spirit world and uplift our soul vibration, we will let go of many separated and limited illusions what prevent us to see the true dance of souls, the big one life, what we are part of.

When we let go, we see that we are here in this world to experience a great play of love and the pain, wounds and suffer are part of this world and we can not take them with spirit level. Those who can let go of these, is in the light no matter what she/he has been experienced in world. This does not give justification to do what ever because in spirit level soul see and comes aware of all those unfulfilled options what it didn´t use and sometimes human made actions are so heavy burden that it is almost impossible to let go and be in the light.

The actual hell is when you can not let go and step in to freedom which is just so far than blink in the eye. In spirit level the existing are great atonement and mutual understanding. Because we are on forward moving in dimensions the meanings of lessons will change inevitably. Everyones job is to practice acceptance and forgiveness. Who has difficulties to forgive, can ask the heart awareness to improve because through that will grow the ability to let go and step in to the light to see souls universe in a new level.

Inkapacity to accept, can be just as burdensome in the spirit world as the human murder in this world. Judgment is a type of murder at the spirit Level, and settling on the levels of bitterness is a descriptive suicide of the soul and therefore we should be free for judgment and bitterness and trust in Divine wisdom in all matters. Both the murderer and the victim will find great light and release when surrendering to light. In the light, the victim no longer needs adaptation of the crime from appointed offender. There is a great love.

The spirit world does not consider this work to be null and void in any form, and reminds us that it is precisely why we are living such a significant time that we have been made possible to reach a great atonement by accepting the light of new dimensions into our lives. We are reminded that there is no external factor, but we are part of a great entity, and the world of the third dimension has been a pile of laws and energies where each one serves one another, even though it has been very incomprehensible in the human part.

Our task at this moment is to let go and release. Whose task is to release from their evil actions, whose task is to let go of bitterness or condemnation. The spirit world still speaks that the burden of pain is far from being void and meaningless. The pains turn into a tremendously beautiful light prism at the spirit level. They can show their true form as well as the violations of the appointed offender. We are still reminded that this is not a question of condemnation.

At the spirit level there is a holistic view of the souls journey. There is no time or limitation, as it was in the third dimension and in this new state as well, to some extent. If you dare to let your eyes open, you may see with physical eyes how even the physical world has become more energy-like. You will not see that because yourself too are more energy!

In the spirit world, the whole soul journey can be seen in a blink of an eye. As we step into the spirit world, it is about meeting our own reality and changing to the light. You may find it difficult to believe that a murderer and criminals are also light, but we can only tell you to step into the world of light. Give yourself permission to broke and let go of the old bodies, so that you can experience awareness and the world that is set as the option and goal of all mankind.

The world is new and unimaginable. At the moment you read the text, you can not yet comprehend everything about the world because you are caught in another dimension. We can only share some of it and the activations of this moment change the experience of everybody in the karma cycle. Take the light in with joy and praise, it will stop all pain from all souls. The time of suffering is over.

This message reminds me that the merger may take some time, but we are asked to make our trip to a new world where such horror films are no longer in our souls.

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