Translated from Finnish by Kati Kortesalmi
With these words, I start my channeling this time and then someone goes on … Do you still remember the morning of the souls? Do you remember the time when everything was just about to birth, in the beginning, beyond our time, beyond the limitation of our understanding …
So there was a bright and beautiful light. The light was unconditional Universal Love, the light what created everything that you now understand some. You know that the same light is still in you and it is a channel all the way to the beginning of time.
We will call you this autumn on our journey until the very beginning of our time. We invite you to step into the spirit levels and pass through the Akashic libraries of time. We invite you to the golden light as it is autumn and its climax, Christmas, has come and this time is very powerful. Here to me they said that year after year autumn will be more intense time to go deeper our lightening and from here on again we have several wonderful months to be able to deepen our own heart light studying in the highest flow of spirit world.
It is a golden and white light that radiates brightly on us and embraces us with multiple healings. It is the light which the heart and soul are open for and which opens us gently deeper into the vibrations of our Loving One Life Source.
Take the theme of autumn as your return to your home universe. Take the theme of creating a heart-to-heart connection to everything you’ve been looking for and what you’ve gone through. Get involved in heart consciousness and soul consciousness and open your soul’s star to shine brightly in the center of the universe so you will get the powerful flows of Universal Love that will heal and embrace your whole life.
Think that you can change everything in your life to the fullest when you take on Universal Love to your power source! Through you and all those who have opened to the light, that light can be channeled to the whole world. Imagine, visualize how the golden and white flame of Universal Love lights up in the heart of the earth, the heart of every human being, the soul of every human being, the crown chakra, and ultimately the whole earth is Holy and wave in a flame that never burns but only loves us all.
I get from my heart the idea of ​​sharing this powerful exercise that lets you unite with this light anytime. The golden cross symbolizes Universal Love and the Father Mother God embracing heart center. In fact, I use crosses of meditation and healing whenever there is a need for powerful healing and now I want to tell you about how using this cross.
The cross is imagined to descend from the center of the universe. You can see the center of the universe, for example, as a golden sun above your head. You do not have to be able to visualize the center in any particularly distant, bright or high. It is sufficient to think of a light center above your head and you decide in your heart it is the center of the universe. The better you can imagine, the more powerful to cross effect will be. So, it’s worth practicing separately the imagination and visualization center of the universe.
Now the cross is born at the center of the universe and then passes through your light channel to your heart and from there, further through lower chakras to the earth center. It will be in the heart of Mother Earth and will then rise again into your heart. Once this journey is done, you can concentrate on your heart to feel the cross energy and vibration.
You can make this journey many times, for example, three times, so that energy is strengthened. Then you can also concentrate on channel from your heart the golden energy forward to others.
The cross can also be sent in time to situations where you particularly want to be present with a lot of embracing, warm and loving light. Please note that the cross does not have to be a Christian cross. It may equally be a ankh symbol or a light armor with two cross lines instead of one.
The Will of the Our Higher Christ Happens! The Will of the Our Higher Christ Happens! The Will of the Our Higher Christ Happens!
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