By Anu Heinineva
Translated from Finnish by Kati Kortesalmi

Today we are going to talk about activating the heart of Christ in your own heart. I get a picture of the heart of mankind and there is a black blob in the middle of it, which is a strong pain that we all embrace through our own heart at the stage, when Crystal vibration in our heart is activated.

Spirit world says that the black blob is all mankind sufferings all together and it is a kind of karmic store that we must clean and clear to the vibration of love-wisdom by working through our own heart.

Joining the heart is happening through your own life experiences. When you experience any pain in your life, you can grow a bridge into that collective black spot. We were given a concrete and easy way of doing it.

First you need to identify your own pain and what is situation in your own life. Then you will remember that same pain is carry and carried by many people on earth before you. Then ask from the source of one sacred life to golden light flame to flow through your own heart pain into the levels of mankind heart, where people carry the same pain with you. Finally, you can pray for all the people who have this pain.

Spirit world shows that the aura of the earth turns into a beautiful crystal light shower when we get the frozen mankind heart melt by working this way and the earth can activate its higher vibration of the sacred life. Then here in this planet will no longer incarnate souls with a lower vibration.

All Lightworkers have come to use their heart in this sacred work. In this year of heart and birthday course we in the Star of Love, begin this work now fully. The Spirit world guides you to carefully listen to yourself how much you can embrace that pain in your own small heart. The optimal would be to feel the pain, but you will not drown for it.
In addition, you can seek strength by meditating on crystal temple in the light worlds, where all the lightworkers are assembled who are involved in the same work. Imagine you getting strength from there.

Spirit world also says that if you have such a mission and the light of Christ has already been activated in your heart, you may have a bigger pile of homeworks in this life. It feels stronger and powerful as a sense of pain in everyday life and you can achieved quick relief to it by giving up on the aforementioned exercises.

Spirit world says that our reward are the new sacred planet when we keep doing our work. By working this way, the vibration of Christ is activated in our hearts, and we get as a ticket to the new sacred planet that already exists in another dimension. We work together as one heart of light and in a new time it will be the prevailing heart awereness where we slowly move. We learn that new time in this 3D reality, which is changing into reality of 5D.

The keyword seems to be a new kind of attitude towards the pains of our own small life. We are no longer diving to pity ourselves, but remember to combine our heart with the vibration of crystal temple and the deep pain of humankind. Here, as an instant feedback, we get to our own small-life messes a clarity and guidance to the frequencies where we can be enlarged in all our light bodies.

But one thing we have to remember, that is, work has to be done carefully and it must be start done TODAY. You can not get lifting light up if you do not work. Sometimes it may seem hard to visualize alone like this and if your everyday life is really hard, just thinking of light does not necessarily even feel like a thing you want to do at that time. Spirit world says that we need to grow our internal muscle so that we can make effort despite the resistance. Only such work produces fruits.

If we still have a tendency to push ourselves on our heaviest levels, and if in those moments we abandon the light work, we pile ourselves as a burden for the coming days. That is why we are advised that every day you should do your homework in the best way possible.

Joining frequencies of your own twin flame will help. Own soul family and twin flame heart is the most profitable and motivating frequency for which we can get encouragement for the soul’s work. Vibration of Christ strengthens in ourselves and we will soon see how meaningful is our work that creates a new sacred planet through our own small heart flame.

And although the heart flame is small, it is strong, but here we going a bit of reverse. The smaller the creature start to take responsibility for the great energy, the greater and stronger the impact it has on the heart of mankind. Heart melts like iceberg in the southpole. The ever larger blocks fall into the sea of ​​love that is born of all our strong and firm will, from one faith, sisterhood, brotherhood, and that today every one of us do your own work for greater good. I am here involved in doing the work and perhaps is good to remember that you in your share help to my burden too, and vice versa. Let us therefore thinking each other and remember the world of light on which we are on the way. The journey is born through the sacred vibrations of our hearts!

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