Translated from Finnish by Kati Kortesalmi
The full moon time is over and again the dreams taste better. However, with these dreams the change has enter in my life. Now, we are quite clearly in a period where it is possible for people to bring old inner issues to light and purify themselves. Internal work has appeared to me in everyday life and in everyday tasks too. For me, the no doubt sign has been to find dirty spots at home and find multi-year stacks and clean them. These types of corners can be in surprising places. Whenever I can find any, I feel that I have at the same time also found in my heart for something too, which is now opened and cleaned to light.
A great light-spiral is given from heaven for our help. It comes with thunders lightning and rumble and there is a promise that light is coming in this time stronger and deeper in material level than ever before. As the flash light strikes down and illuminates even more firmer material.
It is said to us that when the light comes down like this decisively, then the whole world will shake and tremble. But there is nothing to be feared! You can stay in peace and with calm mind when you know that it is a light that finds its way to a firmer material. The material is like hard ice. Humanity’s mind is like solid metal. However, light is powerfully integrated down here and the process I am presented to is two way. First, there is a high lightning-like high voltage light spiral. It is massive in size and strikes the solid material causing the substance to vibrate and shake.
For me their open slightly of a bit of world laws. It is said that this is a way how the great cosmic balance in the solid matter is falter, the ego world, the severability and everything that is now melting in the light world. And when the cosmic balance is shaken, then comes the motherly gentle light. A light that comes the way that mind can not say no to it.
Not the private human mind or the collective of mankind. The mind is clinging to the vibrating soil and the flash of lightning. In this way, the true healing light can be integrated in peace and will form the Bridge of Love between the fixed ego, material, the mind, and the world of divine love.
This describes both the process of the individual and the larger group process. We are pointed clearly that we do not live in the time when all falls out around us, it is not about such devastation and destruction. Where that destruction can be seen, it is said that it is just an edge and not necessary for change. We are not on the road to destruction, we are on the road of urban renewal and re-birth.
We are told that the actual light theater and play takes place in spirit. But never any force for in spirit either. It is just about opportunities that are currently unprecedented in the air. We are in front of a one gate where we can either go through or not. If we do not, we will not be punished. It is a light that gives us free will.
We are reminded that we are loved, whatever we choose. We are still loved in any case even though we accept the light-handed gifts or not. But we have been given the opportunity to see and learn and feel. At the moment in the light world, in the spirit level, happens the lightning of the Divine transformation. It falters our structures and who wants to step to be shake, can feel and experience the shaking of the spirit.
It can be a tough too. Imagine yourself as shaken in a carousel. You do not know the bottom under your feet, you do not know which way you stand. Shaking can make you afraid. It can make you remember the old things about childhood. It can awaken you from deep sleep. But remember that at the time of shaking there is always the gentle motherly love that somewhere else is now capable of integrating the enormous capacity in to your inner structure for healing light.

The will of our Higher Self in Christ Will Happens!

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