By Anu Heinineva
Translated from Finnish by Kati Kortesalmi

1. Illness and denial of the problem, you suffer but you do not admit it to yourself. You are trying to cover up the pain with bad alternatives and cause you more harm.

2. The stage of wake up (a very nasty and difficult step, which length affects how hard issue you are going to heal). You become aware of how your life is. It may be a wake up to feel your existing pain or moments when you are looking at your life as if outside, and seeing your life and your situation make you feel very ill. It may be your fears to come up or to face what you have caused to yourself and to your closest ones. At this point, it feels that you are loosing your mind.

3. The step of finding and growing your power when you try to find the power to do something about issues. Often, this is very difficult to start and feels almost impossible. You can not understand how you can help yourself and feel that you do not have the power to do anything. You will have to find things that will help you gather your own strength in your life. For example, encouraging friends who can tell you again and again to you how important it is to go ahead. Moving in nature, etc.

4. Stage of making decisions, phase of determine of new direction. You’ve got yourself so much power to be courage enough to decide on your life for a new direction. For example, you decide to start doing grounding exercises and take for it yourself a project or join a therapeutic group or something like that.

5. The stage of work, when make persistent decided exercises from day to day. The exercises at the beginning may seem like they do not have any results or help and much is required to believe in repeating the exercises even though you do not really know what they should achieve.

6. The stage of realization, when you start getting insights and new experiences through exercises. You start to understand what your teacher / guides / helpers meant, and you slowly see things with new eyes. Aha experiences when your workout produces results.

7. Becoming whole and re-orientation phase, new slowly steps on a new ground and new glimpses of what’s about to come. For example, for one hour or a day, you see the world through your newest eye and you feel something new inside of you. The new is strange to yourself and its scale may sometimes be scared. Remember that all healing transforms you into a new person!

8. To give birth to new you and exits the old. Now the old challenges will bring back to you for test, will you this time work with new consciousness. You may face older fears and your challenge is to use all the learned knowledge and skill in a new way. You are born into a new reality / form. You get strength and believe through success. Now you are certainly already committed to a new path through your own experiences.

9. For the life’s struggles and overcoming challenges and of the knowledge and understanding what they bring about using in favor of yourself and the people around you, there is a wider reason and understanding for your own suffering, and at that moment the pain is released and the gratitude replaced it.

Remember that healing does not usually bring result that we would like to have in mind. Many times the journey is enormous acceptance and sadness, letting go and changing your wishes. You will find, for example, that some illness itself does not heal. But you can find a new foundation for life through healing and still live a whole life despite your illness.

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